Translation Pricing

Translation pricing is determined on the basis of different factors. Please see our translation pricing table for further information. The source document is the original document which you provide to the translator for translation. The most common factors include format of the source document, deadline, complexity of the source language etc. Complex, technical and legal documents are likely to be more expensive than general documents. It is because of this reason that I always ask to see the source document before quoting price for certified translations. After approval of quote by the client the payment of fee is made through Bank Transfer. I shall, however post the certified translations using normal post free of charge but if you need a Special Delivery then you will have to pay the cost of applicable fee. Additional certified copies of the translation are available for a charge. The following translation pricing table will give you an idea of the Urdu to English translation price.

1 Marriage Certificate – Union Council £50.00 £35.00
2 Marriage Certificate – NADRA £50.00 £35.00
3 Birth Certificate – Union Council £50.00 £35.00
4 Birth Certificate – NADRA £50.00 £35.00
5 Child Registration Form – NADRA £50.00 £35.00
6 National Identity Card £20.00 £15.00
7 Death Certificate – NADRA £50.00 £35.00
8 Death Certificate – Union Council £50.00 £35.00
9 Divorce Certificate – Union Council £50.00 £35.00
10 Divorce Certificate – NADRA £50.00 £35.00
11 Notice of Disinheritance £50.00 £35.00
12 Pakistan Police Reports – FIR £00.0850 Per Source Word
13 General Letters, Affidavits, Applications £00.0850 Per Source Word
14 Newspapers Clippings / Press Advertisements £00.0850 Per Source Word
15 Property Document 1 [Register of Rights] £60.00 Per Page
16 Property Document 2 [Mutation Register] £60.00 Per Page
17 Property Document 3 [Harvest Register] £60.00 Per Page
18 Minimum Fee for less than 200 Source Words £25.00
19 Audio Transcription and Translation £6.50 Per Recorded Minute

translation pricing